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How Do I Use Acids in My Skincare Routine?

So, you’ve purchased a couple of acid products for your skincare collection but now what? How do you include these into your skincare routine and how can you use them effectively without making your complexion irritated? Check out our top tips and learn how to create a skincare routine to achieve flawless, luminous skin.

AHA’s and BHA’s

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA’s) are incredible for brightening the skin. Alongside vitamin C, they can be used within your skincare routine to promote a radiant complexion by alleviating dead skin cells and reducing sun damage, such as pigmentation. While you can use these products by themselves (and see benefits), including each one into your routine will provide optimal benefits.

If you have sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, use each product at a different time. As AHA’s and BHA’s can cause irritation, it’s best to use them separately. For example, you could use an AHA in the morning and a BHA in your evening skincare routine. Alternatively, if you plan to use vitamin C, you could opt for a BHA or AHA on one evening and alternating with vitamin C the next.

For other skin types

If you don’t have sensitive skin, you can try layering your products. Using an AHA or BHA before vitamin C can help to prepare the skin for better absorption. Furthermore, acids can create the best condition for vitamin C to be highly effective.

When layering, your most acidic product will be applied first. This means that your BHA or AHA will be applied first, followed by vitamin C. If you wanted to apply both the AHA and BHA at the same time, you would apply your BHA first as its oil soluble.

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