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Glow from airport to poolside with these travelling top tips

We’re forever being asked the best tips for looking and feeling gorgeous and fresh upon arriving at holiday destinations. We’ve all been there – waking early, having a few drinks at the airport, scoffing fast food or sweets, waiting for our delayed transportation, feeling and looking exhausted with our skin as parched as sandpaper.

Our mission is to arm you with the very best travel beauty tips on looking and feeling fresh as a daisy upon reaching your destination.

1.) Early morning holiday boost

• Build up your oomph to catch that early plane or flight – we all know that 4am should be illegal unless you’re off on holiday. Use some simple eye drops to refresh your tired eyes, indulge in some early morning porridge (topped with as many berries as possible) for lasting energy and remember to take a small hand sanitiser pump in your handbag to fend off other people’s germs during your trip!

2.) Essential comfy clothing

• To reduce jet-lag, always travel in loose, non-crush clothes and comfy shoes. We’ve been told that cashmere is the perfect material to travel in, but if you’re bank balance has gone on a all those bikini’s then we suggest leggings and a comfy but stylish tee and thick, cosy pashmina. Above all, avoid tight waistbands and pointy shoes (you have been warned!)

3.) Lovely Luggage

• Pack necessities, such as good books/music/change of shoes, in a rucksack (you can get chic ones now), so that you don’t end up having to carry heavy bags the other end. Holdall are pretty we agree, but big bottles of water and thick holiday books tend to take their toll on our arms, especially if we’re waiting on a delayed flight or connections at the other end of our trip.

4.) Keep clear skin

• Don’t wear make-up: if you’re flying, you’ll find your skin dries out faster than you ever thought possible. Slather moisturiser on face and hands constantly. Slather on tinted moisturiser, mascara and lipstick/gloss just before you arrive. If you’ve had a course of facials before heading on holiday you should feel fresh-faced and clear skinned (just remember that SPF!)

5.) Beauty sleep

• Eye masks are an absolute must if you can’t do without your 8-hours. You can get hundreds of gorgeous designs to completely block out sunlight. If you’re stuck next to a stag do on their way to Malaga, we’d also add you might want to think about some earplugs or some decent headphones and music!

6.) Avoid Travel Sickness

• If you’re prone to travel sickness, try acupressure Sea Bands, which slip on the wrist and work on pressure points that ease nausea.

7.) Keep your socks on

• Flight socks (a.k.a. compression stockings) help prevent swelling and reduce the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

8.) Have a hydrated holiday

• Sip lots of water – cabin air in planes is drier than the Sahara – and avoid alcohol on planes (we know this is a big ask, but you did want to know the very BEST travel tips to arrive looking a million dollars…)

9.) Healthy snacking

• Snack! Try to avoid the high in salt sandwiches, crisps and sugary offering at the airport or rail station – take grapes, dried fruit and delicious smoothies to keep you energised.

Happy holidays all, send us you gorgeous travel pics!

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