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Teenage Skin

Helping Your Children Look After Their Teenage Skin

As well as looking after your skin, you could also help your teenager to develop a good skin routine. Although it’s a time when spots and acne can become a problem there are things that your teenager can do to improve their skin’s appearance. Here are some tips you can pass on to them.


In the morning cleanse your skin either with a milky cleanser if you have dry skin, or a foam or gel cleanser if your skin is oily.

After cleansing it’s time to moisturise. 

Moisturising keeps your skin hydrated and even oily skin will benefit from moisturising as long as you make sure it’s a type that doesn’t clog pores. Once your skin is clean and moisturised with an SPF to protect it from the sun, you can apply your makeup.

If you’ve got sports at school or college then it’s best to leave applying your make-up until you’ve finished. Another great tip is to carry facial tissues around with you and use them to wipe your face before your start exercising. 

This means that your face and pores are clean before you begin to sweat. If you leave cleansing until afterwards the sweat will have mixed in with any oil and dirt on your face and got through to your pores. This won’t happen if your face is clean.

In the afternoon or the evening remove your makeup thoroughly. It’s not good for your skin to keep makeup on overnight. It can lead to acne break-outs and spots. If you’re not at home use facial wipes. If you are at home then cotton wool and cleanser will do the job. Once all the make-up has gone, wash your face and apply moisturiser.


Exfoliation will reduce acne symptoms and improve skin texture. But, you shouldn’t exfoliate too much as it will damage your skin. Once or twice a week is enough.

Use an exfoliating product that’s gentle and don’t rub your skin roughly. Blackheads and acne need to be treated carefully.


Oil and dirt can build up on your pillowcase from your face and hair, which is why it’s important to keep both your skin and your hair clean. When you lie down oil and dirt can transfer onto your skin. It’s a good idea to change your pillowcase at least twice a week to keep it fresh. 

And… Don’t Forget Your Phone

Yes, believe it or not when you put your phone to your ear any bacteria on your phone will come into contact with your skin. Keep your phone clean with rubbing alcohol.

Finally, you don’t need to wash your face more than twice a day. If you keep washing it multiple times it will break down the protective barrier and bacteria will be able to get through more easily.


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