It’s only natural, and in fact very common, for women to feel self-conscious when it comes to ageing. We may hear the mantra ‘grow old gracefully’ on repeat, but sometimes the ageing process can be a bitter pill to swallow.

One of the questions we are asked most is does The SkinBase Facial™ work as a successful anti-ageing treatment. Put simply, the answer is yes. Microdermabrasion can provide the perfect option – especially for those wanting to regain their youthful looks without invasive surgical procedures.

The SkinBase Facial™ works by targeting the top layers of the skin, called the “epidermis”. As new cells are created, they push the older, ageing dead cells up and eventually off the body. Microdermabrasion treatment helps remove ageing skin cells and damaged skin layers to reveal fresher, younger looking skin and a dazzling complexion. The anti ageing microdermabrasion procedure is simple and effective, and it can rejuvenate your ageing skin’s appearance in a short time with little or no discomfort.

Microdermabrasion via The SkinBase Facial™ is ideally suited for a person who has ageing skin or skin that has been damaged by over-exposure to the sun. We’re all looking for an anti ageing treatment that actually works and microdermabrasion treatments polish and soften the skin, reducing fine lines and age spots on the face. The process is used to treat areas prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Often these lines are next to the eyes, on the cheeks, on the forehead, and the area around the mouth.

Why The SkinBase Facial™ as an Anti Ageing Treatment for Ageing Skin?

  • It is a simple, straightforward and painless anti ageing treatment for ageing skin
  • It is as effective as many more invasive surgical procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing, and does not require anaesthesia
  • It enables you to return to your daily routine (with younger looking skin!) with minimal disruption after treatment – (It’s known as the “lunchtime facial”!)
  • It works on all types of ageing skin, including dark skin and sensitive skin
  • It is more affordable than many other cosmetic anti ageing skin treatments

You’re left with glowing, radiant skin and younger looking skin – it’s the one stop shop answer to anti ageing skin care

Our videos clearly show the amazing effects of The SkinBase Facial™ as an anti ageing treatment on ageing skin. If you’re interested in giving microdermabrasion a go, why not find a therapist near you and see what all the fuss is about.

  • We don’t like to scaremonger at SkinBase, but we do like all our customers and blog readers to know the truth. This smart infographic doesn’t sugarcoat the risks of skin cancer, so sit up and take note. The sun is particularly damaging on your face, and if it’s looking younger you’re after, then start looking after your skin whilst basking in the sunshine. It might be winter now, but those of you jetting off for some ‘winter sun’ or planning for next year, please take care and heed to the advice on this graphic from The Momiverse.

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