We all have days when we don’t feel our best and boy can it show in our skin. Tired, dull and uneven skin can all play havoc with our confidence so it’s not surprising we are often asked can microdermabrasion help? Well the simple answer is yes. Read on to find out more.

Blotches, blemishes and larger pores can leave even the most confident of people feeling a little self conscious about their skin. Glowing, healthy skin is smooth, clean skin. If it is smothered in dead cells and oil, it will become dull, tired looking and grey.

As we grow older and are constantly exposed to the UV rays of the sun our skin starts to appear dry, tired and dull. This is the result of the outside layer of the skin getting excessively built up and not exfoliated on a regular basis. It can often feel like a lifetime before the skin sorts itself out, largely due to skin renewing itself every 28 days, approximately.

The SkinBase Facial™ works by removing dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, helping to speed up the rate at which the skin would normally renew itself. And as a result, ridding you of your dull and tired patches and revealing skin that looks new, fresh, peachy and is glowing with radiance.

What’s the run down on why you should choose the SkinBase Facial™ for Dull and Tired Skin?

  • Revitalises tired skin by stimulating collagen and elastin formation
  • Immediate visable results for dull skin even after the first treatment
  • Perfect for congested, uneven skin with open pores – helps to tighten and brighten tired, dull skin
  • Variable control allowing for deeper exfoliation of blemished, uneven, blotchy skin
  • You can return to your normal lifestyle immediately – a ‘lunchtime facial’
  • Fresh faced feeling after a number of treatments resulting in less need for make up

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