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This is something we are asked a lot at SkinBase. Don’t get me wrong, I am not paranoid about wrinkles (just yet!) but I am starting to notice the odd little line on my forehead and around my mouth. If you’re feeling a bit like me and are considering an effective anti wrinkle facial treatment for fine lines and something to make your skin look FABULOUS, just in time for the festive season – then you’ve come to the right place!

Often these fine lines and wrinkles can leave us looking older than we feel. Many of us would like to see our ageing skin regain its elasticity and look and feel rejuvenated.

The SkinBase Facial™ works as a targeted and effective anti wrinkle facial treatment by removing the skin’s dead cells and increasing the collagen produced by our ageing skin. The anti wrinkle treatment is the answer to younger looking skin. Noticeable after just one ‘fine line busting’ treatment, The SkinBase Facial™ leaves wrinkled skin looking fresh and smooth as soon as the treatment is over. With SkinBase anti wrinkle microdermabrasion treatment, there is no recovery time and no discomfort – only a noticable difference to fine lines and wrinkles.

Why The SkinBase Facial™ as an Anti Wrinkle Treatment for Fine Lines?

  • The most popular and effective technique for smoothing fine lines & forehead wrinkles
  • Simple and quick to perform on wrinkled skin / fine lines
  • Reveals younger-looking skin and acts as an anti ageing skin care treatment
  • Lunchtime facial (you can be back at work, fine line free, within the hour!)
  • Stimulates collagen to dispel fine lines and increase wrinkled skin’s renewal

Looksie here to find out more and see what microdermabrasion can do for you…

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