We’re always looking for way to feel great – both physically and spiritually. We’re forever reading about the new super foods and latest application techniques for perfect skin, but we’re equally as interested in keeping our bodies and minds fit and healthy. So when we read this piece from nutitionalist, Madeleine Shaw on eating mindfully, we thought it was brilliant. It’s so simple that it should be something we do naturally, but once we thought about it, we stopped mid chew and realised that eating mindfully was a technique we needed to practice, read on…

Mindfulness has become quite the thing! Its amazing how many courses there are popping up, I just think its great. I would say mindfulness is something I practice day to day, however I haven’t always been a mindful eater.

I used to be very controlled with what I ate, thinking about the next meal while I was eating that one and never really enjoying what I was tasting. It ended up in me over eating and never really savouring the experience.

Eating mindfully will allow you to slow down to enjoy your food helping you live in the present moment. It is a form of mediation!

4 tips for mindful munching:

1. Belly Breathe

Before each meal I take a few big breaths. It allows me to become present. It gets me out of my head and into my heart. This will ensure that you can start the meal calm and relaxed. Digestion starts in the mind, your body need to know you are about to eat to ensure optimal process from start to finish. So get chilling.

2. Ditch the distractions

This one I find the hardest. We are so interconnected and often we get severe FOMO if were not tweeting and instagraming our lives. Treat your meal times as a sacred space. Put down your phone and be with your food. When your distracted by your electronics you will over eat and hardly enjoy the gorgeous grub.

3. Chew chew

We like to think we can do it all…..in half the time! However chewing is something that takes time and needs to be in a relaxed state. When you half chew your food and swallow it in lumps as you rush to your next appointment…. you make it VERY hard for your body to digest the food. Try and chew that food over and over in your mouth. Until it forms a paste in your mouth. (Sounds gross) but it will make the world of difference, you will feel less bloated and much more satisfied.

4. Take a break

Don’t rush your meals, take a breath in between and just relax. Pop you knife and fork on the table and just relax. This will allow you to centre yourself again and get present if you have drifted off into a story.

Do you already practice mindful eating? what do find helps?

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