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Did you know there are some healthy reasons to smile? As much as a smile can lift your own mood and make other people happy, there are internal benefits of smiling too. It’s nice to know that smiling wide is good on more fronts than just making you and the people around you feel happier. Read these great reasons to smile and you’ll not need any more excuses to flash those pearly whites.

The tonic of the smile on the immune system

Among the benefits of smiling is that it alters the body’s chemistry by relaxing it, steadying breathing, and also lowering the heart rate. All of which add up to you having a stronger and healthier immune system. Be sure to smile a lot during cold and flu season then!

The benefit of the 60-second grin

Are you aware that psychologists have found that among the benefits of smiling for one minute, serotonin is released in the body? This causes you to experience a mood change that takes you from sadness to happiness. Even if you are forcing the smile to appear on your face, you will undergo this wonderful mood change and feel all the better for it.

Saying thank-you is a reason to smile

One of the most pleasant reasons to smile is to say thank you. The British Dental Heath Foundation claim that one of the benefits of smiling is that the smile creates the same emotional reaction of producing a natural high equal to eating 2,000 bars of chocolate. That’s a lot of Dairy Milk!

Smiling is a great benefit for lowering blood pressure

Through the process of smiling, endorphins rise, causing your blood pressure to lower. People whose blood pressure was monitored before and again after smiling have shown a difference that is quite considerable. If that’s not one of the best reasons to smile, what is?

Stand out from the crowd with that smile

When going for a job interview, smile. Among the benefits of smiling is that a person with a lovely smile on their face stands a far better chance of standing apart from all other applicants than a person with a boring and bland look on their face. Nobody wants negativity in their employees.

The attraction of a warm smile

A pleasant, attractive smile has the ability of being heart melting. It immediately warms you to other people and you are considered as being authentic, trustworthy, maybe flirtatious and definitely real in all that you do. Furthermore, studies have shown that a long-onset smile (0.5s onset) usually belongs to people that are not over-powering or dominant.

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