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Glowing skin and how to make the most of minimal make up…

Beauty basics…

If you’ve already tried the SkinBase facial, we don’t need to tell you that after even one session, your skin will be brighter, tighter and glowing with good health. Once you’ve applied the mandatory SPF (if we’ve told you once, we’ve told you a thousand times…) you might want to add just a hint of makeup for a big night out.

We reccommed you try and leave your skin completely clean for as long as possible, but if you want to add just a little glamour to your party look then take our minimal make up tips for maximum fresh faced appeal…

Read the make up tips here…

Get the basics right!

Your make up will only look as good as the skin underneath. Make sure you’ve evened out, reduced acne, demolished uneven skin and treated fine lines before even beginning to think make up is the answer. Get a SkinBase facial and listen to the compliments on your skin roll in…

1.) The lip balm alternative…

Lip balm is a handy tool to use if you want to make your complexion glow. Stroke a little clear balm down the brow bone and up the cheekbone (in a sideways V) to highlight the eye area, or mix a little with a cream blush and apply to the apples of the cheeks for a rosy glow

2.) A parting gift…

Place your fingers on one side of the forehead (above the left or the right eyebrow) and sweep diagonally to the other side of the crown, towards the back of the head. With your parting invisible front-on, your hair will look fuller and thicker

3.) Not so fake tan…

When applying fake tan to your face your pores can sometimes become blocked with the product. Prevent this from happening by rubbing an ice cube over your face before application. This will close the pores and stop you getting the tell-tale black spots

Have you got any beauty tips to share? Perhaps you’ve a skin enhancing secret you’d like to let us know?

Remember, it’s all about having a good base to work from, and the best way to get naturally glowing skin is through a microdermabrasion treatment such as SkinBase. Worried about acne, acne scarring or uneven skin tone? Get yourself booked in with a SkinBase Therapist for a consultation and watch your skin transform. Book here

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