Getting rid of scars naturally

We’re all in a constant battle for perfectly clear skin. Men and women, young or old – the quest for beautiful skin is pretty much something we all think about for at least a couple of minutes every time we’re faced with a mirror and some unsightly spots, fine lines, wrinkles or pigmentation.

Something a lot of us are often worried about are long-term problems with scars from acne or accidents.

We did some research and here’s our guide on how to get rid of, and minimise, scars. Good luck!

Scars from acne or accidents

Whether our scars are from that unfortunate bout of teen acne or the embarrassing drunken tumble we took, they prevent us from that smooth, clear skin that we yearn for.

Of course, the most effective methods to rid your skin of any scarring is opting for a professional treatment such as microdermabrasion. microdermabrasion works quite simply by blasting away old skin cells and reinvigorating new skin cells – increasing collagen and elastin in your skin and leaving you with an instantly plumper, brighter complexion (with minimised wrinkles and fine lines and reduced appearance of scarring).

Lots of people also swear by vitamin E oil. Anytime you get a cut or scratch anywhere on my body, try letting it heal up and then put vitamin E oil on it. This nutritious oil helps with healing as well as collagen production, which can work to strengthen and improve elasticity of the skin. You can opt for either ingesting vitamin E capsules or just putting it directly on your skin.

Using lemon juice can also work to fade scars. Since lemon juice is a natural skin lightener, it helps fade those dark marks that acne can leave behind. Simply apply lemon juice to the scars using a cotton swab and be sure to stay away from the eye area.

Honey is another natural ingredient used to fade scars. Be sure to look for raw honey versus the usual honey you buy at the supermarket to get all the benefits. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and then massage this paste into damp skin and rinse off.

These methods are fairly slow but are great for sensitive skin as well as those who like all-natural treatments. Luckily, using these natural products can only work to benefit your skin because they lack any toxins that can harm your skin over time. So, while you work to fade your scars, you are doing your skin some good.

Good luck and take some time to think about trying microdermabrasion as well as the above natural products.

Lots of love,

The SkinBase team x

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