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Get Legs Summer Ready

How to Get Legs Summer Ready – Our top tips

After months of hiding your legs in trousers or tights, it’s time to get legs summer ready. Baring your legs doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. With just a few steps, your legs will be glowing again and you’ll be ready to rock a skirt, dress or pair of shorts. Here are a few tricks to getting beautiful legs for summer.


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate is your new mantra for summer. Using a body polish or exfoliator is the best way to eliminate dead skin cells to make your skin glow. It’s also key preparation if you want to fake tan as it’ll prevent any patches or streaks. A salt scrub will provide thorough exfoliation – you can make your own by mixing sea salt with olive oil.


Hydration is the key to soft and smooth legs. Massaging in a rich body cream will help to soothe and moisturise any dry areas – remember to pay extra attention to your knees and feet.

Problem areas

Suffering from cellulite or varicose veins doesn’t mean you need to hide your pins. For cellulite, dry brush your legs in an upwards motion after bathing. Doing this regularly, followed by a firming body cream or gel will help to increase circulation and improve the appearance of cellulite. You can then use a faux tan which will help to disguise both areas of cellulite and veins.

Faux tanning

Using a faux tan is the most effective method for getting your legs summer ready. You can use either a spray, cream or mousse – if you’re a beginner, a tinted tan is your foolproof tool for getting an even glow. Once your tan has developed, apply a shimmer body lotion or oil to enhance your bronzed glow.


Don’t forget your feet! Using a pumice stone to get rid of dry skin, applying a moisturising foot cream and using a beautiful coral nail polish will ensure you’re confidently showing off your gorgeous legs this summer.

Hair removal

Get those pins smooth and hair free. SkinBase IPL offers long-lasting hair reduction and if you suffer from ingrown hairs it will help with that too. Learn more about it here.

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