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Get exfoliating now

Get exfoliating now for summer ready skin

We actively encourage our clients to wear a high SPF at all times, and especially on holiday. But this doesn’t mean you won’t tan, just that you won’t burn or go red, neither of which are good for your skin at all! To ensure you get the best tan we recommend regular all-over body exfoliation in the run up to your holiday, for several different reasons:

Remove dead skin

With a layer of dead skin covering your healthy, living skin cells, your tan will never glow or look really great. Dead skin can’t tan, so get rid of it with an effective exfoliation routine in the run up to your holiday, to ensure your skin looks radiant on the beach!

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Stimulate circulation

Your skin needs oxygen to produce a tan, and if there are any areas of sluggish circulation in your skin, you can bet that they won’t tan as well as everywhere else. And if your circulation is poor everywhere, then your skin simply won’t be able to tan as effectively. Exfoliation stimulates circulation within the skin, ensuring blood, and therefore oxygen gets where it needs to go.

Ensure a long-lasting and even tan

A tan occurs when melanin within the skin makes the cells on the surface turn a darker colour. But skin cells are renewing all the time, and this means that when those darker skin cells are gone, so is the melanin (your tan). In order to maintain a long lasting tan, you need to make sure the skin cells at the surface are as young as possible so that they will last for longer. And to achieve an even-toned tan, free of pale or dark patches? Exfoliation helps with this too, because you’ll be removing areas of older skin cells, which may have sloughed off sooner than the rest of your skin.

With a good exfoliation routine, you should be able to get the best possible tan with the least amount of exposure.  But always remember to be careful in the sun!


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