Did you know that in France, foundation is rarely worn and most women are comfortable just using a tinted moisturiser every day? Here’s how they do it.

Strict but simple routine

French women never skip a step in their skincare, but they keep it simple and easy to follow, and won’t switch up their products all the time. Sticking to the same routine keeps your skin calm and makes it much easier for you to monitor your skin’s condition. Choose a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and SPF – as well a single mask and exfoliator too, then stay with them for at least three months! Make sure to pick carefully though; only buy skincare after doing your research and potentially talking to your beauty therapist too.

Avoid tap water

Did you know that micellar water, the famous French cleansing water, was originally invented because women in Paris were fed up of the terrible tap water in the city ruining their skin? If you live in a hard water area, your skin may be suffering from a similar problem. Switch to a micellar water and you could see a huge difference, just like the Parisiennes.

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Nourish from within

French women know that drinking enough water, sleeping enough, and getting plenty of antioxidants are vital for skin health. And if those antioxidants come from a delicious glass of French red wine? Even better!


French women highlight the features that make them unique, instead of trying to hide them through heavy makeup techniques like contouring. Having confidence in your natural looks is the key to French beauty. If you have full lips, accentuate them, if you have striking bone structure, highlight it. Beautiful eyes? Draw attention to them! Whether it’s great hair, gorgeous brows, even a beauty spot, it’s your individuality that truly makes you beautiful.


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