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You don’t always have to spend loads of money on beauty tools. Believe you me, sometimes the best beauty tools are right under your nose in the kitchen! From tea bags and scotch tape to business that can be used to revitalise everything from your nails to your face. But the humble spoon is my favourite beauty tool believe it or not! We’ve pulled together four of the best beauty tricks that you can do with a spoon…

1) An alternative for eyelash curlers

If you’ve lost your eyelash curler or it’s broken, then a spoon will be the answer to your prayers. All you need to do is simply hold a spoon against your eyelid and using your thumb, press your lashes against the rim of the spoon. This will create a bend in the lashes and leave you with curled, lust-worthy lashes.

2) Apply Mascara

After you’ve used the spoon to curl your eyelashes then you are ready to keep those lashes in place by setting them with mascara. The bottom of a spoon can also be used as a barrier between your skin and eyelashes. Apply mascara as you usually would whilst placing a spoon against your skin. Press your lashes against the spoon with the mascara wand to ensure full coverage and long luscious lashes.

3) Remove pesky excess lipstick

When applying makeup, make sure your hands are clean so that you don’t get bacteria into your pores and keep your skin clear. If you find you have excess lipstick on your pout, keep your hands clean and use a spoon instead. Just simply slip a spoon upside down, place it in your mouth and then remove. This will remove excess colour from the inside of your lip, and stop you suffering from the shame of lipstick covered teeth.

4) Create the perfect cat-eye look

I always find it hard to keep the lines straight when applying eyeliner, especially liquid eyeliner and who’d have thought that a spoon could come in so useful! Use the edge of a spoon to your advantage for an amazing finish.

Place the handle along the outer corner of your eye at a slight angle, then draw a line with your liquid eyeliner towards your hairline. Next, place the edge of the spoon faced down against your eyelid. Draw another line from your eyelid to the end of your first line and fill in where necessary.

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