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Food-based sources of Vitamin A are nature’s own beauty remedy for skin issues. This powerful nutrient acts as an antioxidant when you consume food-based sources instead of supplements and creams. Vitamin A can brighten your skin, clear up acne, fight wrinkles, create a smoother look to your skin, and it can also fight off discolouration and pigmentation problems. Take a look at our top four favourite food sources of Vitamin A – I guarantee they’ll make a big difference to your skin!

1) Kale

With loads of Vitamin A, C, iron, and fibre, kale is just begging for you to eat more of it! One cup of kale contains right over 80% of your daily Vitamin A needs. Kale smoothie, anyone? Most all leafy greens are especially high in Vitamin A, as are orange veggies. You can usually bet that anything with a bright green, orange, or reddish hue is a great source of Vitamin A.

2) Sweet potatoes

Eating just one sweet potato gives you over 100% of your daily Vitamin A needs. This sweet, starchy root vegetable is also high in potassium and fibre. Choose orange-fleshed sweet potatoes over other types such as purple sweet potatoes for the highest Vitamin A content.

3) Carrots

Nature’s candy, as many might call it, is one of the best sources of Vitamin A there is. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which is the form of Vitamin A found in food-based sources. Carrots also contain Vitamin C, magnesium, fibre, and make the perfect afternoon snack!

4) Spinach

Spinach is such a nutritious green! There’s almost no vitamin and mineral it doesn’t contain, with Vitamin A being one of the most abundant of them all. Spinach contains over 100% of your daily Vitamin A in just one cup. To obtain the most Vitamin A, it’s best to consume spinach raw instead of cooked, and always buy organic.

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