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Makeup is amazing. Not only can it be used to emphasise your best features but it can also change the appearance of your face. If you feel you have a round face and want it to appear slimmer, just how can makeup help you do that? Well, it just so happens that we’ve pulled together some top tips to help you create the illusion of a thinner face. From contouring to cat’s eyes, this blog is the one stop shop to help you step out in confidence!

1) Highlighter

Image: Pop Sugar

Highlighting works by taking attention away from the wider areas of your cheeks and is a speedy way to make your face look slimmer. The best way to do this is to apply highlighter down the centre of your face, including the nose. Work your way down your face, starting in between your eyebrows. Then, apply highlighter to the bridge of your nose, just above your lips, and finish by placing on the middle of your chin – et voila! Want more inspo on highlighting tips and tricks? Check out this amazing blog from Pop Sugar. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

2) Contour

Image: Teen Vogue

Contouring can take a little while so isn’t likely to be something you will do everyday. But if you have a special occasion coming up or find that you do have a bit more time on your hands when getting ready – this will work amazingly to make your face appear slimmer. The best way to do this is by using a darker colour to the sides of your face to make them recede, and emphasise the features you want to stand out by using a lighter colour. Read this blog from Teen Vogue to find out more!

3) Emphasise your eyes

Image: Pinterest

Emphasising your eyes is another trick which helps to draw attention away from the wider parts of your face. Add highlighter underneath your brow bone and the corner of your eye and use an eyeshadow shade that’s flattering to your colouring. Make sure you cover up any dark circles so that you’re not drawing attention to your eyes for the wrong reasons though!

Want to know more about how to emphasise your eyes? Well we’ve got a blog for that!

4) Feline eyes

Image: Pinterest

We love cat’s eye makeup and the good news is that they are always in fashion, and it’s a style that will help girls who want to make their face seem slimmer. This works as the ‘cat’s eye’ sweeps upwards drawing attention to the outer corner of the eye and thus away from the side of the face where it is widest. Want to try cat’s eyes at home? Then we have just the blog for you!

  • We love this blog from Diply which includes over 50 beauty hacks you need to know, including contouring not only your face, but also legs! We love it!

  • We mentioned the benefits of eyeshadow above, but it needs to be applied correctly…which is why we have found this amazing blog from Cloudywithachanceofwine which includes not ONE but FIVE video tutorials all about eyeshadow -THANK YOU!

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