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Flawless Complexion

A Flawless Complexion All Night Long

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so here are our top tips for ensuring a flawless complexion all night long.

Deep Cleanse

Applying a purifying face mask before your big date will help to remove excess oil from your pores. By making your skin less oily, your makeup will stay put for longer. Opt for a mask that contains kaolin, bentonite or French clay; they have super oil-absorbing properties and will get right down into the pores to deeply cleanse.

Priming Skincare

Opt for a lighter serum and moisturiser to ensure that your skin doesn’t have any excess oil on it. After you’ve applied them, take an oil blotting sheet and press it gently against any areas you know that tend to get oily; for example your chin, nose and eyelids. Then apply a primer, and don’t forget to use a separate eyelid primer too.

Keep it Light

When you want your makeup to last for a long time, it’s tempting to apply more than usual. But thick layers are more likely to become cakey, oily or flaky. Start with a light layer of foundation; rely on concealer to cover up problem areas and finish with powder to prevent oiliness. Your skin will feel comfortable and look far more natural.

Dramatic Eyes, Neutral Lips

While lipstick can be a beautiful addition to any makeup look, it isn’t easy to keep it perfect for an extended period of time, and definitely not when food, drinks and kisses are on the menu.  Keep the drama for your eyes, with a sultry smoky look. Remember to use waterproof mascara too; this will prevent smudging and if you’re expecting a very romantic gesture, you won’t have to worry about it being ruined by tears either!

Setting Spray

Once you’ve finished applying your makeup, set it with a facial mist or setting spray, to help the makeup settle against your skin. Then, pop the spray into your handbag; you can reapply it throughout the night to refresh your makeup and brighten your complexion.


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