Now that there is a distinct nip in the air and unfortunately it seems like we have waved goodbye to summer for another year, it’s time to adapt your skin care routine so the cold days ahead don’t harm it. Luckily, it isn’t time consuming or difficult, just a few little tweaks here and there that can easily be done in just a matter of minutes. Having some ways to prep your skin for the winter season is a simple way to make sure it’s as enjoyable as possible.

1) Don’t skip the sunscreen

We all seem to associate sunscreen with summer to help ward of sunburn, skin cancer and signs of ageing. However, in autumn and winter, it’s still important to keep applying sunscreen to all the exposed parts of your body such as the face, neck and ears every day to prevent the drying effects of too much sun exposure. Sunscreen will also help ensure that your skin stays hydrated and radiant all through the colder weather that’s lies ahead.

2) Change moisturisers

It may be hard to believe with autumn and winter being wetter seasons but your skin actually gets drier when the weather cools off. It’s therefore important to switch to a thicker, more emollient rich, moisturiser to prep your skin for colder days. Apply a thick layer and allow to soak in to increase your skin’s barrier against dryness.

3) Reduce the number of times you exfoliate each week

A good exfoliation all over the skin can work wonders and give it an amazing glow and keep it really soft. But when the colder seasons move in, it’s a good time of year to cut back just a bit as too much exfoliation can leave your skin susceptible to the colder, harsher air. We’d recommend gently exfoliatng just once or twice a week unlike every day which many people do.

4) Ensure you’re drinking enough H2O

It seems natural to drink lots of water in the months when it’s hot outside and you get super thirsty all the time. But it’s equally as important to keep up the hydration during autumn and winter. Water helps keep your skin looking young, fresh and hydrated. So don’t leave the water bottle at home, carry it with you wherever you go!

5) Eat lots of nutrients

Just like above, it always seems that little bit easier to fill up on fresh produce in the warmer months. However, fruits and vegetables are just as important all year round as they are in the summer as your body still needs all the vitamins and minerals they contain to protect the health of your skin. So keep loading up on them!

PHOTO CREDIT: norio-nakayama

  • Here’s a handy infographic to support our blog above visually, and give you a little more information on how to care for your skin in the winter months. Thanks to Nuvosa for the inspiration!

  • It’s likely your skin will need more nourishment in winter to keep it soft and supple in the colder months. These home made masks we found on Brit and Co which use items usually found at home, are a great, cost effective way to keep your skin looking its best,

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