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We are getting closer to party season and I already feel that my skin could use a little bit of care and attention so I’ve been looking at ways to detox it. If you’re like me and you’re suffering from dark circles under the eyes, blotchy red patches, occasional outbreaks, and dry patches then this blog is for you! Using the following ways to detox your skin will allow you and me to cleanse our skin from the inside out, which will result in clear, beautiful skin and an all-over rejuvenated feeling!

Cut back on sugar

During a detox, sugar needs to be eliminated. Sugar can leave both your skin and your body looking and feeling drained. One of our favourite bloggers, Kimberly Snyder, author of The Beauty Detox Foods, points out that sugar binds with proteins and fats causing wrinkles, and it taxes the adrenal glands causing dark circles and leaving you feeling exhausted and moody. Giving up sugar shouldn’t be too hard because it can easily be replaced with stevia, and after a few days you should start to feel and see the results of eliminating sugar!

Eliminate Dairy

Dairy is one of the top food items that have to be eliminated because it is incredibly mucus forming and causes a range of problems, including skin and digestive issues. Suffering with a dairy allergy I know all too well about dairy’s mucus forming ability and if I do eat dairy my nose becomes congested, my digestion is off, and my skin breaks out. Even if you don’t have an allergy, dairy is still mucus forming and should be avoided while you are following the various ways to detox your skin. Don’t worry if you like milk in your coffee or on your cereal because it can be replaced with unsweetened, vanilla almond milk, which is very tasty!

Eat pineapple

Pineapple contains bromelain, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, breaks down proteins, and removes toxins from the bloodstream. This not only means that your skin will look clearer, any inflammatory pain you have may decrease as well! I love knowing that eating pineapple is making body, skin, and taste buds happy all at once. You can also use it to make an exfoliating face mask by mashing some pineapple with a little coconut milk – who’d have thought!

Drink water with lemon juice

We’ve all heard that drinking water with lemon first thing can be really good for your skin. That’s because lemons flush toxins out of the body by acting as a diuretic. This greatly helps your liver detox all your organs, including your skin. Lemon juice also gives you a quick shot of vitamin C, which helps increase collagen production, resulting in fewer wrinkles and fewer blotches! I know I would like to see the little lines around my eyes disappear!

Dry brush your skin

Dry brushing is as simple as it sounds, but it can have huge benefits for your skin and even other body systems. You can dry brush your entire body using long strokes going toward your heart on your limbs and using counterclockwise circles on your body. This method is meant to stimulate the lymphatic system so it can remove toxins from your body. Dry brushing also the advantage of removing dead skin cells and speeding up cell turnover, which is a great thing if you want glowing skin with fewer wrinkles! I am reminded every winter of the benefits of exfoliating when I have to scrub to remove the dry, dead skin caused by the winter wind, but this is certainly a detox tip that I should use year round!

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