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Winter is upon us and no doubt many of you are thinking how best to prep your skin and make sure it’s ready for the colder months ahead. Seasons all bring with them a different set of challenges when it comes to our skin, so it is important to take a look at your current routine and readdress from time to time. Read on for some top tips to get your skin winter ready!

Limit your time in the shower

The idea of a hot shower can sometimes be too much to resist, especially as the temperatures outside continue to drop, but, they can actually be quite damaging to your skin. Long, hot showers can cause skin to dry out more than necessary and irritate your skin. Instead, it’s best to try and have short, warm showers.

Change your moisturiser

As it gets closer to winter, consider changing your moisturising products. Although lightweight lotions may suit your skin in the warmer summer months, thicker and richer creams may be a better option in winter as they help to create more of a barrier against the elements and offer greater moisturising elements to drier skin conditions – often associated with the cold.

Pay special attention to sensitive areas

There are some parts of our body that are more sensitive to the change in weather conditions than others. For example, our hands and lips both need that little bit of extra attention come winter. Aim to apply a moisture-rich balm to your lips to deal with any cracking or chapping on a daily basis, and regularly moisturise your hands.

Keep moisture levels high

Dry, chapped skin can often go hand in hand with the harsh winter weather. Moisturise your skin regularly in the lead up to and during the winter month and stay on top of your skin care routine. The cooler and drier the temperature gets, the richer and more intensive the moisturiser should be.

Exfoliate your skin

In the lead up to winter, make sure you are exfoliating your skin which will not only help to shed dead skin cells but can alos help moisturisers sink in more effectively as well. When it comes to ways to prep skin for winter, the trick is to immediately moisturise your skin after you exfoliate it so it doesn’t go all dry and flaky.

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