If you’re like me and a natural blondie, no doubt you rely on the good old eyebrow pencil and finding ideal eyebrow pencil tips is never easy! If you’re looking for eyebrow tips that really work and that can make your eyebrows look amazing, then look no further, here are our top five!

1) Shade is most important

One of the first eyebrow pencil tips we’re going to talk about is the shade! Yes girls, the shade makes all of the difference when it comes to your eyebrows, so make sure that you are choosing carefully. If you choose a colour that is too dark, it can stand out too much and a shade that is too light won’t stand out enough, so you’ve got to choose carefully!

2) Make the shade lighter than your hair

Ideally, the shade that you choose for your eyebrow pencil should be about two shades lighter than your hair. Why? Because that way it’ll blend in but still be a little different than your hair colour.

3) Lightly does the trick

Always, when you are using an eyebrow pencil, make sure that you are using light, light strokes! This eyebrow pencil tip came in handy when I finally realized that my eyebrows were too dark for my features! If you’re using an eyebrow pencil, girls, you’ve got to make sure that the strokes are light – meaning the colour will be light!

4) Avoid making them too dark

See? I had to make this its own category! When you make your eyebrows too dark, it can actually clash with your eye makeup and can even make your face appear smaller! So girls, make sure that you lighten up the strokes and the colour! Always watch just how dark your brows are!

5) Stay in the hairline

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to drawing on your eyebrows is that people go outside of their hairline along their eyebrows. One of the eyebrow pencil tips that I have is to make sure that you use the pencil only in your hair. Stay in bounds even if you have to trace your arch and around your brow a little, inside the hairline.

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