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Five Plants That Will Improve the Air Quality Inside Your Home

Did you know that by dotting plants around your home you can improve your air quality? It’s not just outdoors that you have to think about pollutants. They are present in the chemicals we use for cleaning and the materials in carpets and furniture. By using plants we can improve air quality. Not only that, many houseplants have low pollen counts which are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Here are five plants that will add beauty to your home and help to keep the air fresh and remove toxins.

Spider Plant

If you’re a bit forgetful about watering plants, a spider plant will suit you. Although it does like to be watered once a week, it can put up with irregular watering now and again. As well as looking good, the spider plant removes carbon dioxide and nitrates from the air.

Snake Plant

The snake plant, which is originally from West Africa, is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue. If you don’t have a lot of space and you want a plant that grows upwards rather than spreading, then this is the plant for you. It absorbs toxins and releases moisture and oxygen into the air.

Peace Lily

The beautiful peace lily absorbs toxins from the air through its leaves. Leave some of the topsoil exposed when the plant is in the pot because this helps it to work more efficiently. It doesn’t like to be in direct sunlight so it’s perfect for shady corners.


Ferns are great if you’ve got plenty of room to let them spread. They help to improve the room’s humidity as well as creating a healthier atmosphere. The Fern was one of the top choices when NASA did a series of studies inside the Skylab space station to see which plants performed best at reducing toxins.

Rubber Plants

Rubber plants are easy to care for and they don’t need a lot of natural light. They can grow to be large plants so they may need some room to grow. They are particularly good at eliminating household toxins because they have large leaves. If you can, put your rubber plant outside once in a while. They thrive indoors, but they like a bit of fresh air too. 


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