We all wish from time to time that we could get beauty tips from well respected beauty experts and while models and celebrities have staff on hand who know everything about hair and beauty, it’s a lot harder for us mere mortals to stay on top of current trends and best practices. So, we have rounded up some fantastic beauty tips from beauty experts that really do work with the stars – test some, and the Winter blues are sure to disappear!

1) Change your sponge

Most make up sponges are far too stiff to apply foundation well. A more malleable, squishable sponge will help you get foundation onto every part of your face, even in the crevices. That leads to a much more even finish, and looks SO much better. Go on a hunt for the softest, most malleable sponge that you can find, and use it for foundation and cream blush. You’ll look great.

2) Go bright

Is your complexion feeling dull? Brighten it up by choosing the brightest blush you can find. Pink and coral are perfect choices, and will make you look radiant all day long. Visit a beauty stand, and try on a few colours. You’ll find one that brings your skin to life, and gives you a natural glow – buy it!

3) Speed up hair growth

Regularly massaging your scalp with a natural-bristle brush is a great way to promote growth. It boosts blood flow to the hair follicles, and it’s a tip that’s regularly used on celebrities shortly after giving birth to get that thickness back. Regular massages have totally transformed my hair. It’s one of the lesser known beauty tips from beauty experts, but celebs like Anne Hathaway do this all the time.

4) Use mist

Start carrying a facial mist in your handbag all year round. Not only is it great for setting make-up, but it keeps skin looking fresh and dewy all day long. There are so many mists available, so you are certain to find one that suits your skin perfectly. Just spritz on whenever you remember, and you’ll soon have skin that looks amazing all the time… It’s great for prolonging a facial tan, too!

5) Don’t use a towel

This is one of the best beauty tips from beauty experts that I’ve ever heard. Suffer from frizzy hair? Ditch the towel, and you’ll find your hair is much more manageable. Wash your hair with a conditioning shampoo, and blot it with a t-shirt when you step out. You’ll eliminate friction, therefore eliminating frizziness. Give it a go – you’ll be amazed.

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