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While the vast majority of models can thank good genes for their beautiful looks, the one thing that plays on my mind is how they maintain beautiful glowing skin ALL OF THE TIME. Late nights, early starts, numerous long-haul flights and the makeup they wear on a regular basis, you’d think in theory they would suffer from uneven skin tones, breakouts etc.  But it would appear that this is not the case. We discovered that most models actually have a wealth of beauty tips and tricks they rely on and we’ve included some of the best ones in this blog. And, the best bit is, they won’t cost you a penny!

Ice, ice baby

There are no supermodels more legendary than the one and only Kate Moss, so any beauty tips she may have, I’d be keen to learn more and try them out. One of the no frills tips she swears by is the ice facial and she promises it will help make you look good, even after a late night. Kate says: “If I wake up in the morning and look tired and puffy, I fill a sink with ice and cucumber and submerge my face. It instantly tightens everything, making you feel and look instantly awake.”

Try yoga to get an instant glow

Many models claim yoga is the secret to their glow including Lindsay Ellingson. She calls inversions (where your legs are lifted above your head and weight rests in your arms) the “natural face-lift” because “they increase blood flow and oxygen to the face, which gives you a healthy glow.” Don’t know about you but I am reaching for the yoga mat right now!

De-puff your face fast with this facial massage…

Many models learn their tips from the makeup artists they meet back stage, including Hilary Rhoda who is a big fan of facial massages. “Makeup artists at early-morning shows always give a good face massage to get the blood flowing,” she says. “Now I give them to myself! It’s a good little trick that wakes you up and de-puffs your face.”

Super skin needs super foods…

Good skin starts from the inside out and requires us to eat right to make sure we are getting all the vitamins and minerals we need. Molly Sims says “I eat all the antioxidants, like goji berries, and I love flaxseed. The best thing I do is adding a big spoonful of Dr. Schulze’s Super Food to my smoothies. It’s great for your skin.”

Detox your entire body with salt

Working long shifts can take its toll and Lindsey Wixson reveals that her beauty tip is to revitalise her skin with a (nearly free) soak in the bathtub. “It gets rid of all the toxins that build up after a long day of hair and makeup. I’ll fill the tub with warm water and Himalayan Sea Salt, soak my body for 20 minutes, and splash my face a few times.”

  • If you are keen to try an at-home facial massage but aren’t sure where to start, this helpful blog, complete with GIF, from Byrdie will help!

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