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If you’re anything like me, then holiday packing can be a real drag – in fact I despise it so much I normally just end up throwing things in a suitcase and hoping for the best!

For us lovers of beauty products, or even beauty addicts, the thought of leaving our much loved beauty must-haves at home can arouse alarm and anxiety at the very least. So, with the help of the amazing Byrdie, it’s time to get our packing panic in check and put it to one side so we can actually enjoy our holiday (after all, surely traveling is meant to be exciting!), we’ve rounded up five hacks guaranteed to streamline the not-so-fun packing process.

Tip #1: Seal Your Travel Containers With Tape

If you don’t want to risk spilling your favourite product all over your favourite bikini – then this is essential. After all, product spills aren’t just messy, but can also be costly – especially if you have expensive taste in beauty products! So never forget to tape around the seal of your travel containers.

Tip #2: Reuse Empty Toiletry Bottles for Your Own Beauty Essentials Next Time You Travel

I am not always overly impressed with the toiletries you get in hotels so always make sure I take my at-home favourites. Do your beauty routine a favour and fill up the empties with your own tried-and-true favourites.

Tip #3: Add a Dryer Sheet to Your Suitcase

I love the smell of freshly washed clothes, but this never seems to last long once popped in a suitcase, in fact they almost end up smelling foisty which is never a good way to smell! So instead, take foist head on and layer a couple of lightly scented dryer sheets between your clothes—keeping them smelling fresh and simultaneously discouraging pesky static. Win win situation I am sure you’ll agree!

Tip #4: Place a Cotton Pad in Your Powder Compact

It’s just awful when your favourite powder compact breaks, soooo a really easy way of preventing this is to place a cotton pad in your blush or bronzer compact to guarantee it will live to see tomorrow. Now if only we could have thought of this, you know, 10 bronzers ago.

Tip #5: Use a Contact Lens Case for Your Liquids and Gels

Who would have thought that a contact lens holder could also double up as the perfect miniature travel container!? Each pod is the perfect size for single-use applications. Toothpaste? Hair oil? Hand sanitizer? Get crazy! Just remember to colour-code (nail polish works flawlessly) so you remember what’s what.

  • When it comes to summer vacations, air travel and skincare, don’t just “wing it.” Traveling by plane takes a toll on your skin, so this amazing infographic packed full of travel tips and you’ll arrive looking healthier than when you left.

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