Skin is the body’s largest organ, and in order to take good care of it, it’s important to understand it as best you can. Knowledge is the best tool you can have and to save you some time and give you a good insight into the skin you live in, we’ve pulled together five of the top facts about your skin. That way, you and your skin will be ready for anything life throws your way.

1) Skin differs across different parts of your body

Did you know that your skin varies in thickness and strength depending on whereabouts on your body it’s located. For example, the skin on your knees and elbows is tougher and can withstand more, while other areas of your body, such as eyelids and stomach are more likely to suffer from injuries or abrasions because the skin is thinner and therefore weaker.

2) Skin has hair

Believe it or not, most of your skin contains hair, even though you can’t see it everywhere on your body. Hair helps to insulate and keep your body warm, and cleverly also provides a first line of defense for your skin.

3) It weighs more than you think

According to experts, about 15 percent of the average person’s body weight is skin! Due to height, some people will have more skin than others. If you lose or put on a significant amount of weight, your skin is likely to look different should you return to your previous size. Knowing that skin contributes to your overall body weight can help you as you figure out your healthy number on the scale.

4) For healthy and strong skin, you need to eat right

It’s important to eat a balanced diet as your body depends on a number of nutrients to keep it strong and healthy. Adequate amounts of vitamins A, C, D and E are required to keep your skin feeling and looking radiant.

5) You’re always shedding

Experts predict that on average we shed 30,000 dead skin cells per second! That’s per second! They do come off naturally, but also will shed if you itch or brush against something. Don’t be alarmed however as your body regenerates those cells so you’re never going to run out.


  • So now we are armed with all these facts about skin, how can we make sure we have healthy skin, naturally. This handy infographic from skinnydivabeauty is the perfect whistle stop tour of the natural oils that can be used topically and superfoods that can be eaten to moisturise, soothe and repair skin as well as preventing ageing or solve problems like acne.

  • If your skin is a bit life-less or dry – then likely you are dehydrated and need more hydration! But, it’s not just water that can be consumed to improve the appearance of your skin! Check out all of these delicious foods that are great for giving your skin exactly what it needs! Thanks to Positivemed for the inspiration!

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