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How to Find Your Perfect Beauty Therapist

Looking for Your Perfect Beauty Therapist?

For those of you out there that feel uncomfortable booking into a beauty salon (whether it be a confidence issue, a trust issue, or just fear of the unknown), We have put together a quick guide on how to find your perfect Beauty Therapist.


An obvious one, but ideally you want your Beauty Therapist to be conveniently located so that you are not travelling too far and wasting too much time on the actual journey to and from the salon.


If you are going to be a regular visitor to the salon, it makes it all the more enjoyable if you can stick with a Therapist that you actually ‘click’ with. Finding a friendly, approachable Therapist that you can relate to and have a good conversation with allows you to easily build a good 2-way relationship.


This goes without saying, but in order to place your trust in a service, you need to feel confident that their knowledge and expertise is top notch.

Qualified and Insured?

The beauty establishment that is to become your new luxury getaway should clearly display a valid insurance certificate, as well as certificates of competency in areas that they specialise in.

Do You Know Who I Am?

In true diva-style, why shouldn’t you expect to feel that extra bit special during your visit?! You are spending your hard-earned money on treatments to make you look and feel your best, so allow yourself to sit back, relax and enjoy a good old cuppa during your visit. Not really a top priority, but a salon that offers a choice of drinks (and maybe a biscuit?) will always score higher with us, oh and up-to-date magazines. Who wants to read what was happening this time last year?


Last, but not least, the whole reason we visit a beauty salon is to get the end result that we crave. Whether it’s fierce stiletto nails, makeup for a special occasion, an exfoliating SkinBase Facial or a course of SkinBase IPL, if we come away feeling amazing and a little bit special too, then we’ve found the perfect beauty therapist.

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