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Feel confident on your honeymoon

Feel confident on your honeymoon

You deserve to feel good on that sunny beach, enjoying hard-earned time with the love of your life. Feeling self-conscious or worried about how you look can really make it hard to relax, after all, you can’t cover up imperfections on your body with makeup. So here are our top tips for making sure you feel (and look!) wonderful on your honeymoon.

Skincare pays off

Get yourself into a good bodycare routine right away; exfoliate and moisturise regularly to help keep your skin soft and smooth. Make sure your baths or showers aren’t too hot either; this can dry the skin out and make it look dull. If you’re pale, try using a gradual tan moisturiser, so that you can look sun kissed as soon as you step onto the beach, and won’t be so tempted to overdo it with the tanning while you’re away. Regular exfoliation is also essential for maintaining a good tan, because it means that the skin cells that tan are as new as possible, and will therefore last for a long time.

Get your circulation going

If you have cellulite or water retention, you’ll be amazed what a difference improved circulation can make. Regular dry brushing with a body brush, or if you want something more indulgent, treating yourself to a massage, will help to stimulate the circulation. This will promote lymphatic drainage for an overall wellbeing boost as well as helping to keep your body looking gorgeous. Massages can also help to improve posture as they relieve muscle tensions – perfect if you were stressed leading up to the wedding!

Hair removal

Razor bumps and accidents, the mess of hair removal creams, the never-ending cycle of waxing… getting rid of unwanted body hair can be a real hassle. A course of Intense Pulsed Light can reduce body hair permanently so you don’t have to think about it on your honeymoon at all. IPL takes a while to have an effect though so make sure you get yourself booked in as soon as possible!

Find Your Local SkinBase™ Therapist

SkinBase™ is the leading microdermabrasion treatment. With over 2,000 accredited salons and spas in the UK & Ireland, there’s bound to be a salon near you.

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Remove imperfections

If you have thread veins, age spots or pigmentation on the body (your chest or legs for example) you might be worried about showing off your body in a bikini. However, Intense Pulsed Light can also help with these confidence-ruining issues! IPL works by causing controlled damage to unwanted cells; most famously in the case of hair reduction, it damages the hair follicles so they no longer grow hair. For thread veins and other vascular imperfections, IPL damages the unwanted blood vessels so that the body can flush them away, and for pigmentation, it does the same with the over-pigmented cells. This makes it a very effective treatment for removing these unwanted blemishes because by causing this damage, it stimulates the body to remove the cells and heal the skin.


When you have a treatment like IPL, it’s really important that you take steps to avoid letting the imperfections come back. Luckily, it’s not that hard! If you have IPL to remove thread veins, you can help to prevent them by avoiding standing for long periods of time, especially wearing heels, by keeping active, and by avoiding wearing extremely tight clothing. If you have IPL for pigmentation, you must start to take sun protection very seriously – never leave the house without SPF on, and increase the protection factor in summer, and on holiday. There’s no point in putting in all that work to get your skin to look perfect for your honeymoon and then letting it go back to how it was before, right?


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