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So, you’ve booked the course of SkinBase Facials and you’re adhering to the 8 step rules (see them here) but you’d like to do something between treatments to help tighten and brighten your skin. Look no further as we give you a simple exercise that’s been proven to take years off how you look…

Muscles of the face can be re-trained like any other muscles to become firmer and strong again. To see the inevitable drooping of your facial contour is no fun, but with a little effort this gradual deterioration need not be. All muscles (and that includes the muscles of the face) need to be worked in a structured way or they slacken – it’s as simple as that. Alongside regular SkinBase facials you’re going to be astounded by how much difference a few simple exercises can make.

We’ve taken this simple exercise from a lady named Eva Fraser, who has been training Facial Exercise for years. With just 10 – 15 minutes of exercising each day, nose to mouth lines will lessen, upper cheeks will be lifted and fuller, the jaw line will be firmer and eyelids will be stronger and lifted.

Eyelid exercise:

1. Look straight ahead into the mirror throughout this exercise.

2. Curve index fingers under eyebrows then raise your eyebrows and hold against the bone.

3. Close lids and stretch upper eyelids downwards in 5 small movements.

4. Hold for a count of 6

5. Release the squeeze slowly in 3 counts.

6. Open lids, Relax, Breathe.

7. Repeat once more.

*Alternatively place 4 fingers of each hand just under the line of eyebrows and proceed as above.

All the exercises are done twice, once a day, 5 days a week. Choose a time when you are not tired. Effects take time, but that melting wax feeling when you are tired will be gone – this can happen in the first few weeks. After this you should see an improvement in the contour of your face week by week. Over the next 4 -6 months you will see a marked improvement.

For more on Eva Fraser’s methods you can look here.

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