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Everybody loves Kate…

Here at SkinBase, we can’t help but be in love with Kate Middleton. Her natural beauty, beaming smile and effortless perfection in the style stakes always gets our vote and everyone else’s by the looks of it. Crowned the UK’s most naturally beautiful celebrity only last week, Kate can already add another title to her list.

The Duchess of Cambridge has also been voted as having the celebrity hair women would most like to have, in a new beauty poll. Participants were asked to rate which star’s hair they envy the most in the survey of 700 women undertaken by a haircare retailer, and Kate Middleton won by a mile.

Coming in second was ex-supermodel and Strictly Come Dancing 2012 star Jerry Hall, while Cheryl Cole and Kelly Brook Came in third and fourth. Victoria Beckham, Adele, Holly Willoughby and X Factor beauty Nicole Scherzinger were also featured, with Michelle Obama, and, strangely, Charlotte from Geordie Shore coming eighth and ninth on the list.

The list of finalists interestingly shows that whether it’s Kate’s cascading locks or Cheryl Cole’s big bouffant, we all want to have that celebrity look. Jerry Hall coming so highly on the list highlights that even after thirty years women still want her iconic look. What’s more it is really great to see an older woman as a style icon.

If you’re a lover of natural beauty and the effortless look, why not try microdermabrasion for skin which looks picture perfect, even without make up.

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