We all know how important our skin care routines are and our evening skin care routine is of utmost importance since that’s when our cells repair and rebuild. Since sleep is so important to our skin’s health, let’s make the most of that crucial time and make sure we give our skin what it needs to look its best!


The first step of your evening skin care routine is to cleanse your face to wash off all the makeup and dirt, and generally wash off the day. Going to sleep with your makeup on can age your skin, clog pores and cause sebum to build up, which can result in acne. Always use a gentle cleanser that’s suited to your skin type and wash your face at the end of the day.

Eye makeup remover

Using a separate eye makeup remover is optional. If you wear very light eye makeup and your facial cleanser already does a good job removing it, then skip it. But for the rest of us, we require a little more help removing all the mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and so on. Make sure all traces of eye makeup are gone to prevent irritation or infection.


Toner isn’t for everyone, in fact, most women have fabulous skin and don’t use it all. But there are some benefits to using it as part of your night-time skin care routine. Toner is actually meant to cleanse but it also does a plethora of other things, like moisturise, balance pH, refresh your skin, help tighten pores and help protect skin from minerals and chlorine in tap water!


Another helpful product in your evening skin care routine is serum. Serums come in a gel-like formula and contain a high concentration of active ingredients like anti-aging, brightening or moisturising. Serum is best absorbed when your skin is still moist, so use it after your cleanse or tone so your skin can take in all the ingredients.


After you apply serum to your skin, next up is moisturiser. No matter what type of skin you have, you can benefit from a moisturizer. As stated previously, skin does all its repairing at night, night moisturizers are aimed at recovery and moisturising. Night moisturisers contain the highest intensity of anti-aging ingredients since there isn’t any intrusion from sunscreen.

Eye cream

Some people prefer to only use their facial moisturiser and not a separate eye cream. And that’s all good, some ladies are blessed with skin that only requires the bare basics. If you’re like me and have concerns about lines, puffiness or dark circles, a separate eye cream can really help penetrate the thin skin in the eye area and really make a difference in your appearance!

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