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Eliminate Irritating Razor Bumps

Is there anything more annoying than shaving your skin so that it’s silky smooth, only for angry, red bumps to pop up all over the place just a few minutes later? And is it just us, or does this always seem to happen when you’re getting ready to go out?! As pesky and unpredictable as they may be, razor bumps really can be avoided. So read on to learn everything there is to know about eliminating razor bumps!

What causes razor bumps?

Razor bumps are actually a type of ingrown hair, and occur when the hair, once it’s been shaved to skin length, curls back on itself beneath the skin. Razor bumps will either look like red or dark spots of pigmentation, depending on your skin tone, and are often very painful. It’s possible for them to become itchy too, especially if you have quite delicate skin, and they can cause scarring if you get them frequently.

How do we treat them?

Aloe vera is a popular way to soothe the irritation that comes from razor bumps as it cools, calms and hydrates the affected area. Anti-inflammatory topical treatments like witch hazel or hydrocortisone can also help to reduce the redness. An added benefit of using witch hazel is its antibacterial qualities, the skin is protected from infection if it becomes broken. Try mixing witch hazel extract into aloe vera gel and applying it liberally over the bumps. However, it’s important to note that while there are many products on the market that can help your skin to heal faster, it’s far better, both aesthetically and for the health of your skin, to prevent them from forming in the first place.

Exfoliation as prevention

Exfoliation removes layers of dead skin, this helps to reduce the likeliness that hairs will get trapped and cause razor bumps because the skin will have fewer excess layers. It’s important to start exfoliating before you shave, and then do it regularly between shaves too, but try not to do them on the same day. Alternatively, a monthly Microdermabrasion treatment is the perfect way to eliminate dead skin build up and prevent razor bumps from forming. The added benefit of Microdermabrasion is that it will smooth and rejuvenate your skin as well as reduce scarring, which is perfect if you regularly suffer from razor bumps as they can scar the skin over time.

A more permanent solution

There is an even better solution and that’s to reduce how much hair grows in the first place. A course of Intense Pulsed Light, a form of light therapy, will make the hair follicles unable to support hair growth, providing up to 95% permanent hair reduction. Not only will you be able to wave goodbye to razor bumps, you’ll also no longer have to worry about shaving, waxing, epilation or any other type of hair removal. Intense Pulsed Light treatments are quick, non-invasive and have zero recovery time; well worth all the time you’ll save on hair removal in the future!

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