Likely we all spend a lot more time putting our makeup on, rather than taking it off but did you know that makeup removal should be an important part of your skin care routine? There are a number of tips for removing makeup effectively and we’ve pulled together some of the best to help make sure your skin stays in tip top condition! Make makeup removal a breeze with these tips for removing makeup.

Back to basics

First things first, let’s start with the basics. It’s good to have a sequence in place for removing makeup which will help to speed up the process. You may do this automatically, but we would recommend starting by removing any lip gloss or lip stick, next, move to your eyes and then finally, the focus should shift to the rest of your face to ensure it’s thoroughly clean and fresh.

Gently on the eyes

Many of us pile on the mascara and eyeliner when doing our makeup, so likely it is going to stay put more than other makeup. You may think that excessive scrubbing and rubbing is the way forward but don’t forget about the delicate skin around your eyes. Ladies you have to be careful! A targeted eye makeup remover is the best option for removing eye shadow, liner and mascara. Use a cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover and gently press down onto your eyelids and lashes. Then, swipe outwards in a gentle motion, to the corners of your eyes and repeat until all traces of makeup are removed.

The right cleanser is key

Always go for the mildest cleanser possible for your skin type when choosing a facial cleanser or and makeup remover. If the cleanser is too harsh or too strong, it will dry out your skin and make your skin’s oil production go into overdrive which is likely to lead to a break out – oo-oh! Apply the cleanser in circular motions, gently removing your makeup as you go. Most of your makeup should come off during this stage, especially if you’ve already removed your lip and eye makeup.

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Kiss goodbye to the final traces of makeup

Rinse off whatever remains with lukewarm water after cleansing. Don’t be tempted to rub off those last traces of makeup with a towel or cloth as they can be harsh and abrasive on your skin. A splash of lukewarm water (avoid hot or cold which is likely to startle the skin) is just what you need to rinse off any leftover makeup.

Dry off

The best way to dry the skin is to gently pat skin with a towel or cloth. Try to avoid rubbing or wiping your face. Then last but not least – finish off by applying some moisturiser.

Makeup removal is just one way to make sure your skin is as amazing as it can be – and we’ve got loads more tips for complexion perfection here!

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