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Skincare in Your 20s

Does Skincare in Your 20s Really Matter ?

Yes, yes and yes! Skincare always matters – regardless of your age. And it’s always better to start earlier rather than later. Establishing an effective skincare regime is a good habit to get into early on and can really benefit you later in life. None of us imagine ourselves growing old, so if there’s any way to prevent ageing skin, it’s by looking out for future you. 

Collagen decline

It’s a sad state of affairs that our collagen production starts to dip in our late 20s. This is the mighty stuff that has been working all these years to keep our skin looking glowing and youthful. So, from your early 20s onwards is the best time to start looking after your skin and taking skincare seriously. And yes, while it may seem like an effort at the time, a good skincare routine includes taking your makeup off before you fall into bed. 

5 Top Skincare Tips for Your 20s

Follow these top tips in your 20s to combat signs of ageing and look out for your skin. 

  • Cleanse – remove dirt and debris from your face and pores by cleansing daily. 
  • Exfoliate – regular exfoliation, like microdermabrasion, can leave you with smooth and healthy skin. 
  • Eye cream – find an eye cream that’s full of vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to prevent serious bags. 
  • Always wear SPF – whether it’s in your creams or foundation, an SPF will protect your skin from the harsh and damaging sun. 
  • Avoid toxins – some bad habits have a really negative impact on your skin such as smoking, binge drinking and eating bad fatty foods. 

By starting to look after yourself as early as possible, you really will reap the benefits later in life and have some beautiful skin to show for it!


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