Many of us suffer from an uneven skin tone. Whether it be on the face, tops of the arms and basically anywhere on the body! But do not fear, microdermabrasion could be just the ticket! It can target any of the areas on your body that you are self conscious of, including the face.

Because most uneven skin tones are superficial, microdermabrasion is usually the first treatment option people go for. The SkinBase Facial™ uses fine crystals which are gently blasted across the uneven skin tone using a small jet. This directly affects the outer layer of skin causing it to break away, aiding in lightening or removing unwanted pigments and revealing a gorgeous even skin tone beneath.

Why The SkinBase Facial™ for Uneven Skin Tone, Blotchy Skin & Brown Patches?

  • Smoothes redness and uneven skin tone
  • Rejuvenates sun damaged and brown patches on skin
  • Can be used on any skin type – dark, light and even extremely sensitive skin
  • Deep cleansing of pores for clearer, fresher, younger and more even looking skin
  • Ideal for busy lives (a ‘lunchtime facial’)
  • Results visible on uneven skintone from even the very first SkinBase Facial treatment.

If you’re new to microdermabrasion and want to know more, have a looksie here!

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