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beauty demons

Defeat your beauty demons with IPL

Halloween might be right around the corner but that doesn’t mean you have to let your beauty nightmares win! Whatever it is that’s filling you with dread, let our state-of-the-art Intense Pulsed Light treatments save the day. IPL is an advanced treatment that uses filtered light waves to target specific structures within the skin, in order to achieve a variety of results depending on the skin issue in question. The way the light is filtered, a much more targeted effect is produced than other light-based treatments. This makes it the ideal choice for finally beating those beauty demons!  Take a look below at all of the different issues IPL can help with, and find out if it might be the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Acne and blemishes

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to banish those unwanted spots, but it’s all been to no avail, then IPL could be the treatment you’re looking for because it works differently to other acne treatments. Unlike creams and lotions, IPL works by using filtered light to target bacteria and oil glands in the skin. IPL destroys the bacteria that cause spots, suppresses the oil glands and helps get oil production under control. Additionally, IPL stimulates collagen production to help improve the texture of your skin to reduce the appearance of scars, including pitted ones left behind by severe acne.  

Unwanted body and facial hair

Unwanted body hair is something we all have to deal with – but IPL puts a stop to that, permanently. Suitable for use all over the body including the upper lip, chin, bikini line, underarms and legs, IPL is a permanent hair reduction solution that gives you confidence, eliminates the possibility of shave rash and ingrown hairs, and takes up far less of your time than other salon hair removal treatments. 

Pigmentation and ageing

There is a specific type of IPL treatment; photorejuvenation, which is ideal for treating sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Photorejuvenation targets specific structures within the skin, such as melanin and collagen, to achieve the desired effect. In the case of pigmentation, IPL Photorejuvenation will target melanin in the skin, damaging it so that the body is able to flush it away, leaving behind clear, even skin. To help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, your therapist will use the machine to target collagen instead, which rather than being removed by the body, will be replaced by a larger volume of new collagen, for firmer, younger looking skin. 

Thread veins

Also known as vascular lesions, these skin imperfections can have a really negative impact on our self-esteem. These imperfections are caused by broken or trapped blood vessels that no longer perform any useful functions in the body. IPL causes controlled damage to the vessel, so the body is able to easily flush them away. 


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