Going bare-legged can sometimes leave us feeling a tad self-conscious. But, do not fear, as this 3 point leg transformation will help you achieve amazing legs to be proud of, all year round – tan or not tan!

1) Stimulate

Body brushing and exfoliating is a must for bare-legged beauty. Exfoliate and brush from feet to hips to make an instant visible improvement to legs and wellbeing. To get your legs looking leaner you must raise your circulation – both lymph and blood flow. If you can, brush daily, incorporating into your daily shower routine, just five minutes will make a world of difference. Brush with a detoxifying oil straight on your body – upwards, always upwards – or vigorous exfoliation, works revitalising miracles.

2) Stroke

We’re not just talking about sloshing body cream on – the secret is in the rub because, like friction, this is what moves your circulation. And if you do it regularly you can control areas prone to puff, like knees, ankles and outer thighs. The best topical for this is one with diuretic qualities; a good drainage cream or oil, to be applied straight after friction and a shower when skin is warm and ready for treatment.

Some magic moves:

1. Start at your feet, using your thumb to push along the edge of your arches, around your ankle bones, up the backs of your calves, over shin bones and sides of calves. Repeat over the same areas, imagining you are pushing blood upwards.

2. Use your thumbs to gently massage behind and around your knees, releasing areas of collected fluid and puff.

3. Push your thumbs up the insides of your thighs, again imagining you are tracing the blood upwards. Repeat as often as time allows then move to your outer thighs, and use your thumbs and fingers to knead the flesh until it turns pink.

3) Seal

Assuming your legs are freshly depilated and, if you are wearing sandals, toenails pedicured (with dark leg-lengthening varnish), the final step is to perfect. As we know, a tan (real or not) helps greatly to beautify legs. But there is a fine line between tan and perfection – a deep tan ages a pair of legs almost as much as it can a face.

My advice is to use a subtle gradual tan to give legs a hint of colour and to improve skin; don’t aim for stockinged perfection here, just natural improvement. Apply it over moisturiser (not oil) and allow it plenty of time to develop (always longer than you think).

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