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Ah, concealer. Every girl’s best friend during a ‘bad skin day’. At SkinBase we advocate letting your skin breathe as much as possible (basically, if you’re in your PJ’s then it’s time to take that make up off!), but we also know that if it’s party time, or you’ve got an important meeting then looking your best is absolutely essential.

With that in mind, here’s the best (and most simple) concealer face map from It shows you where best to apply concealer to remove problem spots and also enhance your features.

In short, we love it. Make sure you read below for the reasons behind each of the concealer hot spots.

  • Above the brow and below the brow: Blend a thin line of concealer on top of and underneath the brows to make eyebrows pop and open up the eyes.
  • The inner corners of eyes and under the eyes: Find the half moon of darker pigmentation and conceal only that bluish or brownish semicircle. If you apply concealer under the entire eye, you’ll be left with that reverse raccoon effect.
  • Across the bridge of the nose and down the centre: Conceal here to bring light to the centre of your face and help slenderize the nose.
  • Around each nostril: This area is commonly plagued by redness and broken capillaries. Brightening around the nose will help skin tone appear more even all over.
  • The outside corners of the mouth: Unfortunately, as we age skin starts to sag and lips can droop. Conceal the outer corners of the mouth to lift up downturned lips and show off your smile.
  • The centre of the chin: Combat redness and shadowiness by blending a small semicircle of concealer right at the crease in the chin.

Thanks to for the great image and tutorial!

The SkinBase team.

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