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classic skincare mistakes

Classic skincare mistakes you might be making

Are you caring for your skin the right way? It can be easy to fall into bad habits with skincare – here are a few classic skincare mistakes to avoid!

Skipping sunscreen

You knew this was coming… there’s never a good reason to skip sun protection. You might not be able to see the harmful effects now, but trust us you will one day! Start protecting your skin to prevent premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, and more serious issues down the line.

Sweating under skincare

You might never have thought about this, but if you apply a heavy cream to your skin and then go to the gym or off for a run, sweat may get trapped underneath it in your pores, instead of evaporating. This can cause pore blockages, leading to spots. Before you workout, apply a very light, oil free product instead, so that your skin can breathe.


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Overusing scrubs

We all love to exfoliate – the feeling of freshly scrubbed skin can be addictive! But just remember that over-exfoliating can cause more harm than good. Limit yourself to twice a week, with a gentle, effective scrub formulated for your skin type. Using a scrub more often than that won’t cure your skin issues; in fact, it might make them worse.

Sleeping in makeup

This is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Whether you’re getting in from a night out and just want to collapse into bed, or you’re working late and want to fall asleep on the sofa, don’t do it! Your skin needs to be clean for its overnight renewal processes to take place properly, and leaving makeup in your pores for that long is a recipe for disaster. Remove every trace of makeup before bed, every night. Your pillowcases will thank you, too!


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