In a word, yes! Microdermabrasion has been cited as one of the more effective ways (along with gentle acid peels) in helping to reduce acne and acne scarring. Microdermabrasion treatments have gradually become the first choice for many people who are searching for an acne cure that helps correct acne scarring. Surveys suggest that 95% of adolescents and adults suffer with an acne scarring problems, so you should know that you’re not alone in your quest to find a cure!

Microdermabrasion may be very useful for people with active acne, mild acne discoloration, pick marks, and very superficial or raised acne scars. The reason the treatment is so effective is down to the process used during the procedure. On booking in for a course of treatments to help with acne and acne scarring, your therapist will be able to advise on the length of treatment required (as with most skin problems, the deeper the scarring or severe the acne more sessions of microdermabrasion will be needed).

You can then lie back as during a 30-40 minute treatment thousands of tiny microcrystals are fired across your skin, fine jet of abrasive crystals will be passed over the skin. Dead skin particles will be abraded away and a vacuum action will remove the debris. This dual action will both resurface the skin and stimulate the blood flow, encouraging the skin to rejuvenate itself and produce collagen and elastin.

It’s the deficit of collagen in the specific region that gives rise to acne scarring, so the SkinBase microdermabrasion is the perfect way to rid yourself of acne scarring because it encourages collagen to form.

Dermatologists use microdermabrasion to help unclog pores and clear acne. Often used in combination with gentle glycolic peels and medical acne extractions, microdermabrasion can help speed up acne clearing.

In short, give microdermabrasion a go if you’re suffering from acne and acne scarring, many people even see a dramatic difference following just one treatment – although you should be patient with your skin and give it time to change and improve during a course of treatments.

Star suffer from acne and breakouts too

You are not alone, but you do deserve to get help with your acne and acne scarring. Make sure you visit your doctor or dermatologist too as they’re sure to have some great advice for you.

Find your closest SkinBase microdermabrasion therapist here (we’ve got over 1,600 across the UK & Ireland so there’s sure to be a therapist nearby!)

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