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Can Acids Really Make a Difference to Your Skin

Can Acids Really Make a Difference to Your Skin?

You may think putting acids on your skin is a big no-no! But, acids in skincare terms can actually help the skin to look better. Your skin is naturally slightly acidic at around 5.5 on the PH scale and there are a range of acids that can achieve differing effects on the complexion. From glycolic to salicylic acids, here is a rundown of some of the best acids on the market and what they do.

Glycolic acid

This is one of the most effective acids as it can penetrate deep into the skin. Glycolic acid helps to break down the dull, dead skin on the top layer to reveal newer skin cells. The result is fresher, brighter and smoother skin. Furthermore, it can boost collagen production and unclog blocked pores so it’s great for those who suffer with acne.

Lactic acid

Like glycolic acid, lactic acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) so it can achieve similar results. It helps to smooth fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) which helps to penetrate the pores to exfoliate the lining, clearing blackheads and spots. It boasts anti-inflammatory properties to calm redness and even your skin tone. Those with blemishes will find salicylic acid particularly beneficial.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) naturally occurs in the skin and is able to retain water. However, as we grow older, our ability to retain water decreases. Using hyaluronic acid as part of your skincare routine will help your complexion to appear younger, softer and smoother. As it can retain water – a gram of HA can hold six litres of water – it plumps and hydrates the skin.
Using an acid in your daily skincare routine will address any skin concerns you have and ensure your complexion is looking the best it can be.

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