Well its official, party season is on its way, and quite frankly, it’s about time. With dark dreary mornings, even darker evenings and a thermometer showing a temperature that’s far too low for our liking – a good party is about the only thing that’s going to cheer us up.

So you’ve carefully applied your make up and you’re pretty pleased how well you scrub up. A couple of hours into the night, and you make the fatal error of looking in a mirror. The smudging! The disappearance of what was previously a decent amount of foundation! The non-existent lipstick!

Here are our top tips for halting smudged liner and sliding foundation in its tracks…

Image from Byrdie

Smudged eyeliner

There’s a time and a place for a sultry, smudgy liner look (think Rocky Horror show and this weekend – Halloween!), but when you’ve spent the better part of your morning routine perfecting your eye makeup, it can be quite infuriating to find black creases and blotches underneath your lower lashes by lunch time. Over on Byrdie we picked up this little gem to help put a stop to this frustrating make up fail…

There’s a simple trick to ensuring that your makeup won’t budge, start by dusting translucent powder or eyeshadow on your lower lid (beneath your lashes). Then, start by applying mascara to your lower lashes, then your top lashes. Et voilà! Things should stay put.

Image from Lostinallmyselfishthoughts.com

Lipstick that only lasts an hour

To get some ideas on how to stop what we believe is one of the worst make up frustrations, we headed over to Red Apple Lipstick blog and found some fantastic advice, get ready to have lipstick that lasts all night…

Your lips shed. They shed more than the rest of your body. At any given time, your lips are covered with thousands of loose skin cells ready to fall off at the slightest touch. Without  hydration, the problem is worse.  And if you have an auto-immune disease (like Celiac Disease) – your body doesn’t absorb digested nutrients meant to hydrate your skin – making your lips even drier.

Do this before applying lipstick:

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Increase hydration (drink more water, keeping your lips plump and smooth)
  3. Clean your lips prior to applying

Remember to apply lipstick thoroughly – that means NOT all at once! As you apply, pay attention to working the color IN, not just on.  First swipe sets the ground rules.  Sometimes it is even a good idea to pull the lips skin somewhat taught with your other hand, and slowly work that lipstick around, define the edge boundary at this stage, and this a light pressure. Your second swipe will fill in what’s left and the third and fourth will build intensity.

Then… blot, then reapply, then blot again!

Finally… LEAVE IT ALONE! Allow the lipstick 5 minutes to ‘set’ and come up to your bodies temperature – lipsticks are intended to work at higher temperatures, so just give it time!

Stop foundation from sliding off

  1. Give your moisturizer plenty of time to absorb before applying foundation. If you apply foundation before the lotion absorbs your foundation, it may be diluted and won’t stay put as long.
  2. Use a tiny bit of full coverage foundation and spread it thinly for a natural look that’s ultra durable.
  3. Be sure to blot or sponge off any excess oils before applying or re-applying powder. Applying powder on top of oily skin causes makeup to blotch and cake.

*Main image from beautystat.com

  • We found another great little tip over on the Red Lip Gloss blog. Run out of nail varnish remover? Can’t be bothered to go to the shops to get a new bottle? No worries, just soak your fingers for 5 minutes in warm water, then grab some vinegar, rubbing alcohol or lemons and watch that patchy nail varnish disappear.

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