Back in July we posted a short-but-sweet article all about ‘beauty tips that won’t break the bank’. It got a great response with our Twitter and Facebook fans, with lots of people sharing it around. This got us thinking…!

So we decided it’d be nice to take this little article and make it even more shareable. We’ve produced a handy, pocket-sized version, in ‘pretty picture‘ format (we’re sure that’s its official name…). And with a wave of the magic SkinBase wand – here it is!

We’ve already shown this to a few of our fave bloggers and customers who all say they love it. We’ve decided to make this the first in a series of ‘bite-sized beauty tips’. Keep a look-out for #2 appearing here very soon.

Please spread the word, like and share! Want to share this on your own blog? Feel free! We’ve given you the copy-and-paste code to do so, right at the end of the graphic (just scroll down). Couldn’t be easier.

Let us know what you think!

Beauty Tips that Won't Break the Bank [infographic]

Feel free to put this ‘Bite-Sized Beauty Tip’ graphic on your own website!

Simply copy the code below and paste into a post. Don’t forget to alter the first line!

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