Women and men are forever troubled by problems such as large hips, a short neck, or too small / too large bust. Whilst in truth you probably look stunning and no one else notices these issues but you, sometimes a little bit of good styling advice is all it takes to make you feel a million times better!

Here we’re going to tell you how to counterbalance your problem areas and highlight your assets with simple, easy styling tips.

I have a…round face

A V-neckline looks most flattering if your face has a round shape. Wearing buttoned shirts and leaving the top one or two buttons open will also create a longer illusion. Avoid turtlenecks or extremely high collars as these will make it appear as though you have no neck, accentuating your round face.

I have a…long face

To complement a long face, wear scoop necklines and high turtlenecks. Long faces also look terrific in full cowl necklines that drape softly in front at the chin line. Avoid V- and U- necklines as well as long pointed collars, which tend to elongate your face.

I have a…long neck

Lucky you! You have the advantage of being able to wear almost any neckline. Low backs look especially graceful on you, since they emphasize the long line created from the nape of your neck to the small of your back. If you want to shorten the look of your neck, wear high turtlenecks, choker style necklaces, and round earrings. You can play with any style and lots of details at the neckline.

I have a…short neck

Expose as much of your neck as possible; opt for V-necks, U-necks, or scooped necklines. Avoid short necklaces that seem to break up the line of the neck. Dangling earrings will look good on you and help to elongate your features.

I have…narrow shoulders

You can wear dolman sleeves or boat-type neckline. If you keep the line below your wait extremely narrow (i.e., slim jeans, straight skirts, shorts), you can wear halter-tops, but avoid full-skirted, halter-top dresses, as they accentuate you narrow shoulder line.

I have…broad shoulders

Good fit is extremely important. You can wear V-neck tops and plunging necklines. The point is to move the eyesight vertically instead of side to side. Avoid shoulder pads at all costs! A not too puffy peasant sleeve would work for you, so is a wrap-around blouse or dress.

I have… round shoulders

Anything that defines your shoulders such as pert puffed sleeves, shoulder pads, crisp fabrics, and large, square collars will straighten out your shoulder line. Avoid raglan and dolman sleeves as well as halter necklines – these accentuate a round line.

I have a… large bust

Blessed with a large bust? A V-neck is again one of the most flattering styles. Select soft fluid fabrics in solid colours or subtle prints. Wear earrings to draw the eye up toward your face. Stay away from horizontal seaming on blouses, since that calls attention to the bust line and creates a wider illusion. Avoid chest pockets, large ruffles, and high, round necklines.

I have a…small bust

Go after a curvy effect—blouson tops, soft shirring, gathers, ruffles, and flowing lines. Vertical lines tend to make you look straighter. Don’t wear anything too tight—you’ll look flatter. You might want to try a slightly padded bra to round out your bosom, if that’s how you’d like to see yourself; or you can revel in the fact that almost everything you wear looks fabulous, with or without a bra.

I have a…large waist

When you wear a belt, wear an open jacket, vest or sweater with it to create an illusion of a waist. Dresses with high or low waistlines are perfect for you. Look for trousers that create a clean, easy-fitting look in front. Pull on trousers with full elastic add too much bulk at the waist. Avoid wide belts.

I have a… long/short waist

These are subtle problems that usually result in poor fitting clothes. Some of the problems can be alleviated by wearing separates. Jeans and trousers pose the biggest problem for short-waisted women. The easiest solution is to wear blouses or jackets. Long-waisted women need to create a shorter line from shoulder to waist, which can be done by wearing wide belts, printed, or horizontally striped tops, large collars, or short vests layered over lean sweaters. The long-waisted woman can also exaggerate the long line by wearing lean, tucked-in tops accented with skinny little belts.

I have…large hips

The secret lies in balancing wide hips with a broad shoulder line. A blouse with wider cut shoulders will work for you. Adding a belt that slightly cinches your waist will create a flattering figure for you. A-line skirts would look good too. Avoid shoulder bags, which ride on your hip; a clutch bag is better.

I have a …large bum

Invest in a three-way mirror so that you always know how you look. You may be surprised to know that dresses look prettier on you than skirts, since a longer line from the shoulder to hem seems to deemphasize the rear end. Keep tights and shoes in the same tone as the dress. Avoid definite waistlines, although an elasticised blouson waist can be very flattering, especially if your upper torso is small in proportion to your derriere. Keep brighter colours on top and neutral colours at the bottom when wearing a two-tone outfit. When wearing pants, make sure they’re not too tight. You may wear longer vests or blouses to softly cover up.

I have a…small bum

Gathered skirts and trousers look best on women like you. Choose straight or boot-cut jeans with pockets right on your bum. Avoid plain pockets. Go for the ones with flap. Mid thigh coats with an A-line shape looks classic and flattering. When shopping for a swimsuit, you can either go for the softly skirted ones or get the sleek, very high-thigh bikinis that will emphasize your legs.

I have a…big tummy

Blouson-shaped soft flowing tops that float over the body will hide your tummy; tight clothing will only emphasise it. Side-zipped pants with flat fronts work best. If you go for low-waisted jeans, choose a size larger. It will make your waist look leaner and will minimize belly bulge. Dresses or skirts with dropped waistlines and slightly gathered skirts are also flattering. If you like the look of a slim skirt, wear a jacket to hide your abdomen. Body-stockings (or spanx!) often give just enough support to flatten a tummy pouch.

Hopefully these little tips will help you know how to dress for your body shape and hang ups. Trust us when we say you probably look a million dollars without any help!

Good luck,

SkinBase x

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