From Gisele to Alessandra, beauty doesn’t get much better than these Brazilian beauties. And, with the Olympics happening right now in Rio, we thought it fitting that we shared some of their best beauty tips with you. We realise that we might not have the gazelle like legs, or the naturally sun-kissed skin, but hey, there are a few tips we can pinch and try for ourselves and release our inner Brazilian bombshell via their beauty routines.

Alessandra Ambrosio

This natural beauty has a simple makeup trick to achieve the sultry, pouty lips that she is well known for. Simply trace your lips with a nude lip liner and then just apply a lip balm on top.

Gisele Bündchen

They don’t get more famous than this beauty with her flowing mane. Well… want to know how she achieves it? First, you will need to kiss goodbye to the hairbrush. Gisele says: “After I apply conditioner, I pass my fingers through my hair and let it dry naturally. Every once in a while, I comb my hair in the shower, but I don’t comb or brush after that.”

Adriana Lima

With her famous bedroom eyes, this Victoria’s Secret Angel has a surprising beauty tip that involves coconut water. Lima says that after a tough day, she likes nothing better than to soak her skin with cotton pads steeped in ice-cold coconut water, and if you can get your hands on it, she says natural coconut water is best. Ok! That’s me rushing to the local health food shop to buy ALL the coconut water!

Izabel Goulart

Brazilian bombshell Izabel Goulart not only has a bone structure to die for, but her skin is so radiant it could be described as ethereal. So with numerous flights across the globe to headline various fashion shows, how does she keep it that way? She recently told Vogue magazine that her beauty secret is facial oil and this is the key to keeping her skin hydrated, bright, and alive after a 12-hour flight. “Any brand,” she says. “I just go for one that’s heavier than what I usually use, and I really put a lot on.”

Cintia Dicker

With her porcelain skin and flame coloured hair, this princess might not look like your typical Brazilian model. The Brazil native says she drinks a green juice every day made with spinach, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger to keep her skin glowing – gimmie!

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