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We get bombarded with beauty tricks all the time but what about the beauty tricks that work?! I realise we’re all different so all makeup tricks won’t work for everyone, but I found some fantastical beauty tricks that just about every girl can benefit from! So, what are we waiting for?! Let’s start discovering some of these beauty tricks that work and get ready to try them!


One of the top beauty tricks that work is to tightline your eyes. We all try to line our eyes as close as possible to the lash line. But, when the flesh on the upper rim of our eyes is visible, it can stand out, making lashes look sparse or eye makeup look a little off. A super quick fix is to tightline the upper rim of eyes to instantly make lashes look fuller and eyes look bigger!

Clarify hair

Another quick and easy beauty trick that we can all benefit from is to make your own clarifying shampoo. Try mixing a teaspoon of vinegar to your shampoo. Add it in, shake up the bottle and voila! Use this once a week to get silky strands and a clean scalp!

Fuller lips

This is an old beauty tip but it’s still around because it works and celeb makeup artist Mally Roncal agrees. Ladies looking for fuller lips can easily create the illusion of larger, fuller lips with just a dab of clear gloss on the lips. Another option is to use it all over to create a sexy shine and create larger looking lips that look much more natural than the lip pencil method!

Relieve puffiness

If you have sensitive skin or wake up with irritated skin, a quick beauty fix is only steps away in your kitchen! Place one or two bags of green tea in a mug and allow it to steep for a couple of minutes. Once it cools down, press on to the inflamed areas on your face. Green tea contains tons of antioxidants that will soothe sensitive or irritated skin on the spot!

Wake up a tired face

Another fab beauty tip from Mally Roncal is to strategically place concealer on your face to look more awake and alert. She recommends applying concealer to the sides of your nose, outer corners of eyes, nostrils and mouth to hide darkness from lack of sleep. Under your eyes is also a concealer hot spot but don’t neglect the other areas when doing your makeup!

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