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Beauty Sponge

How to Use a Beauty Sponge to Apply Your Makeup

If you’re searching for the perfect finish for your makeup, look no further than a beauty sponge. Beauty sponges are hot property in the cosmetics world – they’re convenient, easy to use and affordable. So, how can you use a beauty sponge to apply your makeup? If you’re a makeup beginner or new to this magical beauty tool, take a look at our top tips.

Get it wet

Dampening your beauty sponge helps it to apply your makeup flawlessly. As you soak your sponge in water, it will expand to prevent it from absorbing your foundation or concealer. Try using warm water as this will help your base makeup to apply seamlessly.

Pat it down

The most effective way to use a beauty sponge is by patting it as you apply your product. Dragging your sponge across the skin results in patchy areas or streaks. Take your time if applying foundation and work gradually around your face. If you require extra coverage, you can then add a second layer to build your base makeup.

Use your hand

Instead of applying a product to your sponge, apply your foundation or concealer to the back of your hand. You can then dab your sponge into the product and apply to your face. This method will also prevent your sponge from becoming extra messy.

Use it

You can use a beauty sponge for more than just foundation or concealer. A sponge is excellent for applying your setting powder, correcting bronzing mistakes, wiping away eyeshadow fallout or for contouring your face.

Wash it

Remember to wash your sponge regularly. Cleaning your sponge with some baby shampoo or brush cleaner will keep your newest beauty accessory super clean and hygienic.

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