Sometimes beauty short cuts can be a godsend. They can help you achieve awesome results with minimum effort required. While certain beauty short cuts might be helpful time savers, there are some short cuts that are just not worth taking. Check out the following beauty short cuts to avoid.

Heat styling wet hair

Running out of time to style your hair? Heat styling wet hair is one of those beauty short cuts I’m sure we’ve all been tempted by at one point or another. I mean, using a straightening iron on wet hair will just speed the drying process along, right? Wrong! Unless your styling weapon of choice is designed for wet to dry styling (and not many are), there’s a high chance that you’ll end up damaging your hair in the process.

Sleeping in makeup

So you come home at the end of a long night and all you want to do is go sleep, makeup still in tact… sound familiar? While it might seem like the easy option at the time, sleeping in your makeup can be disastrous for your skin. Get into the habit of regularly removing all traces of makeup before you hit the hay.

Popping pimples

Nobody likes having a pimple on their face, no matter how big or small it is. But popping pimples and zits in the hope that they’ll go away quicker is a no no. Popping your pimples can cause bacteria to spread and in some cases result in scarring too. You’re better off leaving pimples alone and reducing their appearance with spot treatments.

Skipping sunscreen

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t scrimp on, it’s sunscreen. Protect your skin from harmful rays by wearing sunscreen, or SPF makeup, when you’re outdoors. A little bit of extra time and effort spent putting on sunscreen is nothing compared to the increased risk of getting skin cancer.

Not washing your make up tools

Germs and bacteria can be easily spread by makeup products and tools. Prevent this from happening by regularly washing and cleaning your makeup tools. The longer you leave it, the worse it’s likely to be. It might seem time consuming, but regularly cleaning your makeup tools is a good habit to get into.

Adding makeup on makeup

Adding makeup on top of existing makeup might seem like a simple time saver. For quick touch ups, re-doing an entire face of makeup just doesn’t seem worth it, right? But for things like foundation, applying it on existing foundation can end up making your skin look flaky and potentially even cause your pores to clog. Use your judgment, and just think twice before touching up your makeup on the go. You might not really need it after all!

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