We know that each and every one of you would rather spend your hard earned cash on a course of SkinBase Facials (as well you should!) but equally we love a good frugal beauty fix here at SkinBase HQ, and epsom salt remains one of our favourites. Packed with magnesium (which many of us are lacking!) this unassuming stuff can turn itself to lots of DIY beauty treatments, here’s some of our favourites…

Beauty uses for epsom salt:

Ease Sunburn

There is nothing pleasant about sunburn. If you’re feeling the burn, then add two cups of epsom salt to a lukewarm bath and soak. The anti-inflammatory properties of the salt will help ease the discomfort of minor sunburn.

Take a relaxing bath

This is probably one of the most common uses for epsom salt. Add two or three cups of Epsom salt to your bathtub and soak for as long as you like (book and glass of wine, optional!). Epsom salt is rich in both magnesium and sulfate. While both magnesium and sulfate can be poorly absorbed through the stomach, studies show increased magnesium levels from soaking in a bath enriched with epsom salt. A great excuse for a long, relaxing bath…

Foot Soak

If you have sore, achy feet, try an epsom salt soak. Add about half a cup of epsom salt per 1 gallon of hot water and let you feet soak for at least 20 minutes. If you have some rough patches on your feet, you can rub your feet with a pumice stone after the soak for nice smooth skin.

Hair Nourishment

We haven’t tried this one, but we’re told that if you heat up equal parts conditioner and epsom salt in a small sauce pan, then leave to cool and massage into your hair this  should excess oils from your hair and give it some great volume. We’ll report back once we’ve given it a go!

Skin Exfoliante

Again, if it’s blemish-free skin on your face you’re after, a course of SkinBase Facials is the best course of action, but once a week try mixing about a quarter of a cup of epsom salt with your favorite bath oil and rub all over your skin while in the shower. This will help loosen and remove any dead skin. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Splinter Removal

If you have a splinter that you know is going to be tricky to remove, soak in an epsom salt bath first. Simply add a little epsom salt into a bowl and soak hand for a few minutes. This will make removing the splinter a lot easier and less painful. This is great for kids to do, too.

Reduce Swelling and Bruising

The next time you injure yourself and you start to swell up, or know there is going to be some serious bruising involved, soak in an epsom salt bath. Whether just soaking your foot in a bucket or soaking your entire body in the tub, you’ll notice a significant reduction in swelling and the bruising will be gone in a much shorter period of time.

Ease that Bite

Again, this handy little beauty trick is great if you’re on holiday or somewhere where the bugs are going to bite. Simply dissolve 2-4 tablespoons of epsom salt into 1 cup of warm water. Add this to a spray bottle then soak a cloth in it and apply to affected area. You should feel some pretty immediate relief from the itching and swelling.

Have you got any other uses for this frugal beauty must-have? If so, let us know!

SkinBase x

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