Summer is here, well, almost! This warm weather has sudden gripped us with the usual May / June fear as we suddenly realise we’re supposed to be fresh faced and poolside ready in just a matter of weeks. PANIC.

If our wobbly bits weren’t frightening enough, we’ve also got to think about our face, makeup, hair and of course, accessories (oh to be a man…) so at SkinBase we’ve decided to give you a few of our favourite DIY looks, copied straight from the catwalk.

The good news? It requires nothing more than a tip top pre holiday skin routine, a tonne of high sunscreen, a little powder and some creative fingertips which work a treat at tousling locks…

Firstly, don’t kid yourself that come July, your skin will suddenly morph into a blemish free, gently bronzed thing of beauty – it doen’t hapen for supermodels, and it certainly doesn’t happen for us mere mortals. Buy yourself some tip top cleanser and moisturiser, religiously have a weekly microdermabrasion facial to rid yourself of tired skin and fine lines & wrinkles and make sure you apply sunscreen every. single. day. (We don’t ant any excuses)

Now that’s your flawless complexion sorted, start thinking about poolside hair. Avoid high maintenance and opt for a look that takes seconds to create and can handle a bit of a breeze and some minor frizz action.

Want to acheive the dishevelled above? Easy:

Tousled festival-ready waves are the perfect summer hairstyle. Create yours either by spraying the hair with plenty of sea salt spray and plaiting it until the look is set or, if you have the time, use tongs to ensure the waves stay in all day.

Then add a little ‘in vogue’ under eye bling and WOW, you are truly ready to go…


Make sure you get your skin sorted before you go away – there’s nothing worse than hiding behind a tonne of make up and watching it slide off your face as the day gets warmer. SkinBase have over 1,600 salons across the UK and Ireland (which basically means everyone is absolutely loving the results!) Find your nearest therapist here.

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